Saturday, October 2, 2010

TASK ONE - Complete

Update regarding Thursday's mission: I survived one of the first steps in this mission, the living room. One of the only easy rooms in the house.

Once I finished, I was filled with so much pride! And the living room STILL has the FRESH, CLEAN scent...which never happens in a house with 2 dogs and a husband.

Mission Clean-Up:


Let's flip to Friday, October 1! I'm still beaming with excitement from my sparkly living. I postponed the mission for the day BECAUSE there was a very special gathering that took place at Tin Roof BBQ in Atascocita, Texas (the best BBQ around these parts). The Montemayor-Wilkinson clan & friends gathered for the revealing of the next grandbaby of the famiy.

To host such a party, you need many things.
1. The patience and will power NOT to tell anyone.
2. Time to bake a billion cupcakes.
3. An awesome family who accepts this idea!

Since my SIL & her hubby have all those ingredients, they planned the party and started baking their hearts out, filling the center of the cupcake with icing to "match" if the baby is a boy (blue) or girl (pink).

Well, I will have a baby NEPHEW around March 8th! And I'll finally get the Lil Auntie Lynzi hat. Yay!

I do feeling that was reason enough to neglect my household chores...for one day.

Back to the plan today. Let's see what I get accomplished! :)

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