Friday, October 22, 2010

Current Obsessions - 10/22

I am loaded down with obsessions right now. It is not rare for me to be obsessed with something momentarily. And as Autumn and Winter come, it reaches extreme highs.

So, currently, I am obsessed with:

Twilight - not such a new obsession and I have a STRONG feeling this one will stick around for along time. You see, I finished reading Breaking Dawn (FINALLY) last night and I'm having withdraws because I want to read more and more. (Someone get me the movies.)

Scarves - although the cool/cold weather has not permanently reached Houston, I'm already yearning to wear the one or two scarves I already have and want to buy more and more.

Rock music - CKY for the past week and Kings of Leon since I obtained their newest CD. :) And every time I do this, I always lose my rap skills for a little while once I go back to my roots.

Autumn - since so many rooms of my house are in warm tones, I love this time of year to add to the decor. And I love making our home smell like pumpkin and cinnamon and vanilla. And I love autumn and winter food. And I love love love autumn trees...except I'm not living where I can enjoy them.

This blog - Over two weeks now! And that makes me so happy. I TRULY hope this obsession sticks around for a LONG time. And I pray my FABULOUS followers do, as well.


  1. you know Stephanie Myer does have a partial written Midnight Sun (Edwards point of view on the first book) it's only up to 12 chapters and stops at the worst spot ever!!! (Right when it gets good) and you can read it on there...but then you will be like me and dying to read more, I hope she finishes one day soon...

  2. I can't bring myself to read it. I read her whole post on how she'd rather people not read it so I'm refraining from it. For that reason and that I don't want to be left disappoint, waiting and waiting for a finished product. I just want the Twilight Saga to last forever...a never ending Nancy Drew. There's like 800 of those books but ONLY 4 TWILIGHTS! :(