Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I'm Positive...

And along with being positive, I'm lazy.
Which is why I neglected my blog once again.
And am just now sharing the news with you.

I'm positive-ly pregnant!

Mark Dean and I found out back in July...sometime.

And this was me then...5w4d.

And this is me two weeks ago...10w2d.

I just look pudgy.
Not pregnant.
Which means not fun and cute.

And this is our little babe.
Baby M.

Due March 11, 2012.
Cannot wait!!!

Overall, the experience is awesome.
And I could not be happier!

I even went a little crazier and started crafting some things up.
Since the gender is a secret for another 6-8 weeks...stupid science making parents wait sooooo long!

I've been told my blanket is no gender nuetral.
But I know the baby won't know the difderence.
And it's just too cute!

That's all the pregnancy news I have for now.
Until our next appointment with our midwife next Wednesday!!!

On to other happenings.

I started school this week.
And that might have been what led me back to my blog.

Since I'm taking all my classes online this semester.
And prolly next semester...
I feel more inclined to wonder back to Blogger in between my "eventful" classes.

And I've completely fallen in love with Pinterest.
How am I just now finding out about this wonderful place on the web???

I'm glad to be back...again.

And I am so so sorry to have neglected you.
Please forgive me. :)