Thursday, September 30, 2010

MISSION: Clean House

I've devised a plan of action to the accomplish mission-at-hand, my clutter, messy, semi-dirty house.

Step 1: Take it one room at a time. One room a day...not too overwhelm myself.
Step 2: If items belong in another that is NOT already cleaned, DO NOT PUT IT UP. This is what distracts me and eventually, makes me fail these missions.
Step 3: Learn to throw things away. This should be a goal, alone. I love holding onto everything. I'm not good at letting go. I always think "what if I need this later" "what if someone else would need it" or "what if I want to pass this on to my children". UGH!

So today, this mission calls me to the living room...the cleanest room of the house, to get my feet make sure I don't over do it.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Hello from this Lil Mrs Housewife!

This is me.

And, on September 11 of this year, I went from Lil Miss Love to Bake to Lil Mrs Housewife. I married my high school sweetheart of 6 1/2 years. It was the best day of my life, to date...I assume the children of our future could make it a tie.

(This is us, Mr. & Mrs. Montemayor)

Although, I haven't applied for the "stay-at-home housewife" position just yet (not because I don't want to; just cause the position isn't available), I do strive to have my house look like there is one living in our home. I have many hats; Lil Miss Accounts Payable (I refuse to marry my job), Lil Junior Student, and THE Lil Mrs Housewife; and because I carry such a large hat box, I haven't learned how to juggle them all at once.

I struggle with:
Cluster & junk

I've set goals to:
Help me keep a neater house
Improve my cooking & baking skills
Make my home feel home-er
Create a network of people to help me throughout my journey
Learn Twitter

To help with my struggles and reach my goals, I've created this blog to hold me accountable and show off the progression in my journey...if I make it off the couch.

Please follow with me on my journey to become the best housewife since Lucy Ricardo and June Clever.