Monday, October 18, 2010

Menu Monday - 10/18

I'm still recovering from the past weekend's events. My weekends normally consist of a lil' fun with a lil' laziness (which is my FAVORITE part of the weekend). And this week had no laziness whatsoever.

After the baby shower Saturday, I had to immediately switch gears and start preparing for my MIL's surprise birthday party AT MY HOUSE the next day. I spent ALL morning and afternoon CLEANING, CLEANING, CLEANING which helped me complete 2 more obstacles in my MISSION: Clean House adventure.

(Pictures of my FRESH, CLEAN kitchen and dining room will be up soon - just no before pictures...I was too rushed to get that done)

But I do have 2 new things to show off.

After seeing this on a Little Miss Momma's 10 Things list, I had to make one off my own. So, I did. And I thought it was appropriate to show it off on a Menu Monday day.

So, with an introduction like that, I think it's time to premier this week's menu.

Monday - Meatloaf (didn't get a chance to make it Friday since we went and saw Jackass 3D - A+ by the way)
Tuesday - Guinness Roast (I'm addicted...must be the beer)
Wednesday - Tacos
Thursday - Stuffed Mozzarella & Spinach Chicken w/ New Potatoes
Friday - Slow Cooker Ribs

To top off this kitchen themed post, my next thing to show off is my birthday present that I received from the most amazing husband on the face of this earth. :)

MY DINING ROOM TABLE! Yay for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners! It's so perfect! And it makes me so happy - only an incredible husband can make his wife this happy with jsut a table!

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