Monday, October 4, 2010

I was consumed...

By the crafting...all weekend long.

The only thing that was ever cleaned were the dishes and my hair! Eek!

But Mark Dean did say while I was at school tonight, he would drill the holes so I can finish my little project.

I'll get that finished that up and move on to what I started...getting my house spick and span for an upcoming  party which I am SUPER excited about since it will be the first party I get to host in our new home.

Although, I've neglected a little bit of my duties this weekend, I feel better about jumping back on the horse since I've started this lil experiment of mine. It's like turning in a report to your teacher. I love to write but if I don't have anyone to see what I'm writing then I usually don't. If I have to write a paper, I do the very best I can and turn it in to get that shiny A stamped on the top. I have to clean but it's sooo easy to neglect. If I show the world, I have to make it look shiny and presentable.

Now, that I feel relieved, refreshed, and reenergized, I need to go find the horse to jump back on. :-/

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