{101 in 1001}

I'm taking the challenge.

I use Day Zero to help manage my list.
But I'm including it here.
And will tag my completed tasks in my posts.

Follow along!
And I challenge you to do it with me!

1 Legally change my name (with my married last name) - completed sometime the summer of 2011
2 Win $100 (plus) gambling – completed 12/9/2010
3 Graduate college
4 Start on a Master's degree
5 Get a {henna} tattoo
6 Clean out my craft room
7 Go to a blog convention
8 Go to Las Vegas
9 Write a book
10 Read a book a week for a year
11 Use the library once a month
12 Get a library card - completed 12/16/2010
13 Knit a scarf
14 Knit a blanket
15 Learn to use Photoshop
16 Get a better camera - completed 12/24/2010
17 Read the entire Twilight series in a week
18 Watch the entire Twilight series in a day
19 Find a personally inspirational quote and work it into a piece of art or home decor
20 Visit one new state
21 Have a real Christmas tree
22 Complete a 365 day photo challenge
23 Go on a road trip
24 Make a new friend
25 Make a wish at 11:11 on November 11, 2011
26 Learn Spanish
27 Get pregnant - completed ~6/15/2011
28 Go to a midnight showing of a movie
29 Bake 10 different types of cupcakes
30 Go to a movie by myself
31 Learn how to play the piano
32 Get visible abs
33 Make a list of 100 things I want to do before I die
34 Pay off all debt
35 Try a new recipe every month for a year
36 Wake up before 9am every day for a week
37 Put away $10 for every goal completed
38 Learn how to make paper cranes
39 Do a home improvement project
40 Revisit all my old primary schools and take a photo with each sign
41 Write a letter to someone who changed my life
42 Have a weekend away with my husband
43 Stay awake for 24 hours
44 Get a 100 followers on my blog
45 Sign up for a rewards program through my bank - completed 12/10/2010
46 Meet a blog friend in person
47 Design a better layout for my blog...by myself
48 Sell something on Etsy
49 Reupholster my reading chair
50 Go to a book signing
51 See a play
52 Go to see an Opera
53 Swim 10 laps 
54-101 To be determined. Still adding on.

To be completed by: September 5, 2013.