Saturday, October 30, 2010

Starting a New Project

For my newest project, I've combined a few ideas I've found on other blogs that I LOOOVED but knew for my living room, I needed more. This is the wall that will be getting assessorized.

I've decided to use the idea based off this tutorial from How Does She? for my window panes, along with this shutter idea from A Glimpse Inside. After seeing these ideas and tutorials, my mind was overflowing with endless ideas to start this project and refresh, rearrange, and redesign this all in the future! Seems like a great inventment to me! :)

How Does She?
A Glimpse Inside
To start off my project, I went to a local resale shop in search for the windows and shutters. I walked away with one window that wasn't paned so, this is the one I'll use How Does She?'s idea on.

I did find a set of beautiful blue shutters that would have a brought a new color into my living room but for now, the shop is keeping them for decoration.

Oh! And I found a beautiful Singer sewing machine base that reminded me of a side table I wanted to make for my reading nook but failed at because these bases are quite expensive. This resale shop had a pretty good deal going on for it so, I may go back this week. This is where I got the idea for this from:

Tomorrow, I'm hitting Old Tomball for the rest of my project materials. Wish me luck! We'll see what I come back with!

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