Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thankful Thursday 10/21

I've thought about this all day and I just felt there were plenty of things that I could proclaim to the world that I am thankful but it felt like I was just stating the obvious.

After work today, I did something quite unusual. I went to watch Mark Dean ride his dirt bike instead of going home to do my usual thing...pretend to clean and take a nap. :)

On the way to the track, the thought for this Thankful Thursday popped into my head but I thought it was way too silly. That was until the evening wore on and I realized on my way home, it wasn't so silly afterall. After Mark's accident at the track, I felt extremely stressed on my way back (the exact opposite that I felt on my way TO the track).

So, today, I'm thankful for quiet drives all alone.

I love the calm that washes over me as I'm driving, pondering, dreaming, and letting go of reality for just a little bit...or a little while, if I can find anywhere to go that takes a little while.

And since I've been quite (quite isn't the best word, more like EXTREMELY) sleep deprived lately, this was a nice compromise.

Here's to all those rare night time drives. :)

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