Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thankful Thursday

(Yay for more alliterations!)

I decided earlier this week, when I decided to do Menu Monday, that I'd do Thankful Thursday, too.

Thanksgiving is my ALL TIME favorite holiday but really, why do we only have ONE day to show how thankful are. When I decided to start Thankful Thursday for myself, I thought this would be a way for me to look back and realize how great EVERYTHING really was and IS.

I figured for my first Thankful Thursday, I'd do something really cliché but this afternoon, I realized I will get around to that, some time or another. I found something to REALLY be thankful for.

You can't understand why I am SOOO thankful unless I give you some background information. So, here goes...I'm taking a Lesson Planning class for my education degree. And the teacher sucks.

You see, I take night classes because I HAVE A REAL JOB AND NEED A CLASS TO WORK AROUND MY SCHEDULE. And the teacher doesn't get this. So she assigns group work...a group lesson plan...along with another ridiculous teacher I have.

From the very beginning, I was behind with this group. The first assignment we were to do together, I was on my honeymoon. The second time I was still trying to process what we were supposed to do AND find out what my group picked out.

Tonight was our third meeting. And we had to FILM acting out our lesson plan. I thought "Ok. I can play one heck of a student and just go along with what the "teacher" is teaching"...WRONG! The girl we picked out to be the teacher FREAKED! And I was nominated.

I actually did an AWESOME job. And ended the video with a lil "natural-Lynzi" humor. :)
(Once I get the video, I'll post it here...for entertainment purpose only. I'm by no means a certified teacher...YET!)

So, today, I am thankful for an amazing group to work with for my class project. I'm thankful for having the courage to take charge and be the "teacher".

On a side note, while writing this post, I realized that I have so much confidence within my words but it's not too often that I project this confidence in my real life. So, something else I'm thankful for today is letting my confidence shine. I wish it came more naturally. Maybe, one day it will.

I think this ended pretty cliché. :)


  1. let it flow out of you girl. I love that your doing this... Did you know that your great grandmother on your grandpa Gatlin's side was a published poet. She was an amazingly smart woman. Very educated... she grew up in Boston... I think that is where are creativity blossom's from... Lois Brown was her maiden name.

  2. :) Haha! Thanks! And thanks for following along!

    No I did not know that! Can I google her and find anything or what? I MUST know more!