Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I'm virus-prone...on the technological level.

I'm cursed. I get viruses on every computer I touch...or not touch. They find me while I'm away from the computer too.

I know...I used to have the biggest music library ever. And I did that by downloading music. And every few months, I'd have to restore everything and start again.

Then, I had a plan. I would have a computer for downloads and a computer for none of that. That worked for a while.

Then Mark Dean got a Mac. And that baby has an awesome immune system. And I downloaded EVERYTHING there.

Well, one day, I was impatient and wanted a new song RIGHT THEN and downloaded what appeared to be a "good" download. And my laptop was toast. With lil puffs of smoke and all that jazz.

All the while, I had a desktop upstairs that I didn't use much. Well, once that happened, we became best friends.

Last night, we ran into a hidden illness...on Facebook. I was ignoring a game request and it took over. Turning off my computer whenever, trying to "defrag" my computer, and just being stupid.

This afternoon, I come upstairs and it's GONE! I'm still dumbfounded by this crazy virus.

So, I'm done.

I vow to never own a PC again.

Next thing on my BIG purchase list is:
I'm loving the Pretty Boy!
Until then, my trashed laptop is being turned into a make-shift Mac. And I'm so excited!

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