Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Discovering a Christmas Gift

So, late last week, I went rummaging through all of my scrapbooking stuff (that had been packed into the trunk of my car for the last 6 months) and I came across a Christmas present I started for Mark Dean, oh say, 3 years ago!

Back then, I had a different plan for this lil book.

On the back of each page, there is a little close-y thing so it's like an envelope.

My plan was to scrap a characteristic or hobby of Mark Dean's, each page being a different characteristic or hobby. (Example below.) On the envelope side, I'd get gift cards to go along with page theme. (Gift cards due to the fact that Mark Dean is the hardest person to buy for).

Well, that was the original plan. But since this year, we aren't gifting at all, I have a new plan...a more meaningful plan...a plan I'm really excited about!

Gotta get to work so I'll have it done by Christmas time! :) Plus, I need to make room for the scrapbook stuff since I took it out of my trunk! Haha!


  1. That is exactly what we did for years. We still have our little homemade coupon books, many of which weren't redeemed and they are a treasure to us. Have fun with this. What a cute book too.

  2. what is it going to be now? I started something like that for Travis military adventure but have yet to finish! Good luck!

  3. I love how much more meaningful it is! I know it will be around a lot longer than any store bought gift, just like your coupons! CUTE!

    Ashley - I'll message you about it. Mark Dean already peaked so I don't wanna give the entire thing away. (What a butthead! I know!)