Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree! Oh Christmas Tree!

That is a Christmas song, right?

Today is the day.
To start decorating for Christmas!

I've cleaned the living, jammed to Taylor Swift, and made room for the tree.
Now, I'm debating on using my pre-lit, fake tree or getting my FIRST real tree!

Pros to the Fake:
I already own it.
It's pre-lit.
Less mess.
Perfect height for our space.
Last year's tree. Hmm...maybe a bigger tree would be okay?
Cons to the Fake:
No Christmas smell.
Not as festive.

Pros to the Real:
It's festive.
It smells oh-so good!
It would make Mark Dean happy.
Mark Dean & I will get to go to a tree farm and pick one out together. (I've always wanted to do that!)
I could def. see us cheesing it up here. :D
Cons to the Real:
I can't get it till this weekend.
I have to buy lights.
And put them on.
MESSY! (God knows I'm mess enough already!)
I'd have to keep it alive. HAHA!

So, my plan of action is:
Get a real one, try to keep it alive as long as possible.
If it dies, I can put my fake one up.

At least Mark Dean will be happy. And that's enough to light up my heart this holiday season. :)


  1. haha - you are too cute!! i actually am partial to the real - but grew up with the fake, which is what we have this year at my house cuz i'm spending it with my family. hopefully next year when i'm married, my fiance and i will be able to pick out a big live tree and decorate it like crazy!!

  2. I LOVE real trees but I don't think we're going to start doing one till we have kids. Just easier that way.

  3. I grew with fake, too. I think I recall a real one, one year and all the complaining that went with the real one.

    And growing up, Mark Dean ALWAYS had real ones.

    I like the idea of getting real ones with kids...Mark Dean actually clarified to me a few weeks ago that this was a rule. Haha!