Monday, November 1, 2010

Update: Current Project

My Old Town Tomball trip was almost a disaster.

We spent 4 hours combing the shops for the absolute perfect shutters.

At one shop, I found a nearly perfect set. But of course, this set were not be for sale, just like the first set I found.

Finally, at the very last shop that we almost didn't even walk into, I spotted them. And they were perfect! :)

With a matched window pane. More perfection - just for me!

3 really is a charm!

And since Mark Dean will be out of town, that leaves me ample time to work on this massive undertaking.

And maybe even a little side project, too. That Singer base is still calling my name!


  1. Let me know when you go places like this! I've tried to buy some from a resale shop before too that weren't for sale..

  2. Ok. We'll make a trip soon!

    I kept my eye out for old toys too but had no luck. Really wanted to find something for Baby Isaac! :(