Friday, November 12, 2010

Thankful Thursday on Friday - 11/12

Oops! I was so into my "thankful-ness" yesterday, that I forgot to post!

My apologies to those of you who count on this. :)

I spent allll of yesterday cooking away.

I made slow cooker ribs which was kind of a bust but it was a nice experience. Haha! My rub was pretty good but Mark Dean can't get past the idea of "boiled meat" to try to enjoy it. And I don't like ribs at all.

Anyways, after I got those going, I dove into something I really do love but put on the back burner a long time ago - BAKING!

So, yesterday, that's what I was thankful for.

I made pumpkin bars with brown butter icing. MMM MMM MMM!

While spending so much time dappling in the kitchen, I remembered a post I made on a previous blog I started (but neglected). I thought I'd dig that up and share it with you.

For the Love of Baking
So I realized...I cannot bake well without putting love into it.

There has to be a purpose behind my baking.
I can't bake just to bake.
I need a desire to accomplish whatever it is that I am baking that day.
I need someone to want what I am making.
That's what makes it good, what makes it fun, and makes it worth doing.

And why is that it so much easier to satisfy others before ourselves? So I get satisfaction out of theirs? Hmm...yes, that is it. And that is why I bake.

Today, I made butterscotch pumpkin muffins and peanut butter cup brownies. I made these both for Mark Dean and my parents. I wanted to so badly to make pudding cookies but I knew that was something only for myself so, I never mustered up enough energy to accomplish this. As Mark Dean devoured the muffins and my dad made the brownies I brought him disappear, I was left with nothing - no, my love for them grew with each bite, and that is way more than nothing.

I put just as much love in my baking as I do a hug, or a kiss, or short note saying "I love you".
And I hope those that I share my love with can feel that.

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