Thursday, December 30, 2010

Thankful Thursday - 12/30

Wow! It's the last Thursday of 2010.
And what a year it's been!

So, for this Thankful Thursday, this wonderful year is exactly what I'm thankful for.

2010 brought so many great things to our family.

Mark Dean and I FINALLY tied the knot!

My beautiful SIL and BIL announced their pregnancy.
And my lil nephew is growing and bring in 2011 just right!
You can follow the growth of this lil man at Our Small Haven, my SIL's blog. 

My brother and SIL got married, too!

I started this blog.
Where I've met so many WONDERFULLY, GREAT people!
And I am so, so grateful for you all!

This lil monster found his way to our home.
And to our hearts!

I decided it's time to focus on school!
Although I didn't end the semester with the best grades, there were good enough to keep me movitated and get me excited about the next semester.

I left the United States for the first time ever.
Where I enjoyed our honeymoon with Mark Dean...and our great friends, Connie & Vernon.
And I promise, it won't be the last time.


  1. Love this post- your wedding photos are BEAUTIFUL!

  2. Thanks! The photography was my favorite part of the wedding!!! I love sharing the pictures! And with lovely compliments like that, it makes every penny spent on the photography worth it! :D

  3. Cheers! And here's to a fabulous 2011! glad to have made the fashionable acquaintance.

    B So Chic!

  4. I'll toast to that! :D

    Hope your New Year is as fabulous as you are!