Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My {First} Silhouette Project

And it's for my lil nephew, Baby Isaac, that will be born in March.
Come on March!!!

So, I haven't mastered the "tutorial" type post. Mainly because I'm inspired by other blogs. And once I put that inspiration to use, I link up to where I was originally inspired. I never feel a tutorial is necessary...or that it would be fair to offer one.

This time is different.
I thought of this all on my own.

And here is my "tutorial"...if you'd be so kind to accept that term.
(I promise I will do another one of these {a better one} and create a REAL tutorial!)

It's a 8x10 canvas.
Painted brown.
I cut the "i" out of scrapbook paper.
And "isaac" out of the vinyl that came with my fancy lil machine.
(Though, I wish I had used regular scrapbook paper for this...I forgot the dot over the i and it just didn't turn out as clean as I like things to be.)
I Mod Podge'd the letter and name onto the canvas.
Added a scrapbook clip I had (in those cute lil containers I sorted them all in last week!)
And clipped on his ultrasound picture.

I sure hope Mama Carrie and Baby Isaac like it!

P.S. I did have a lot of fun playing with my new Silhouette. If Santa didn't bring you one this year, put it on your birthday list...or next year's Christmas list! :D

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