Monday, December 13, 2010

Menu Monday - 12/13

So this past weekend, my pal, Connie, & I were working on our 101 in 1001 and decided to put "Run a 5k" on our list. 

We're researching. 
We're getting prepared.
We're recruiting.

And we are gunna look cute!

With all that drive, I thought it would be necessary to make some adjustment in my eating regimen. 
I just haven't figured out how to do that. 
Maybe next week.

But for this week, we'll be having:

Monday - Chili
Tuesday - Spaghetti & Ravioli :)
Wednesday - Pappacito's for my BIG brother's birthday!
Thursday - Stuffed Chicken & Potatoes
Friday - Lemon Herb Chicken & Potatoes


  1. Sounds Yummy!!!! I cant get the healthy eating, healthy cooking stuff down, I tend to go for whats easy and takes up less time!!!!

  2. Me too! And I don't eat vegetables so that rules out A LOT of recipes...or if I adjust them to my liking, it's no longer healthy! I have convinced myself, too, that no matter what I'm making in our kitchen, it's gotta be healthier than anything (that I'll eat) at a restaurant.