Saturday, January 8, 2011

Unleashing My Creativity + A Day in the Life of Edward Cullen

Over the last 3 years, my creativity has been bottled up.
I just didn't have enough time to express my craftiness.
And I'm so excited to realized that I had just locked it up...
And not lost it completely.

You see,
since starting this blog...
and got my new camera,
I've wanted to do some fancy-shmancy creatively crafty design stuff.

So, I started that blog design workshop.
And got a new design for Lil Mrs Housewife.
That will be unleashed real soon!

Plus, I can't stop creating them.

I started a 1-month Photo 101 class.
To learn how to get the most out of that awesome camera Mark Dean got me for Christmas.

One of the assignments was to do "A Day in the Life of..."
Well, my pal, Connie, and I decided to use the Edward Cullen cut-out she got me for Christmas for my project.
And here's how Edward's day went.

Edward, it's time to wake up!
Ooooh! Edward showering.
Edward getting ready for work...or school.
Edward doing the chores - mowing.
Edward grilling me dinner. :D
Edward hunting.
Edward had no luck hunting and is settling for ground beef.
I had a blast today!

I hope you're weekend is full over excited, crafty, creative fun!


  1. You're so funny. I absolutely adore Edward. MmmmmMmmmm.

  2. :D We had sooo much fun doing this...I only needed 5-10 pictures for my project and we just kept thinking of more and more things to do.

  3. This made me laugh so hard- I love the shower one and the one of him grilling! And by the way, I tagged you in an award post, if you want it check out my blog:-)

  4. This is so fun. Edward Cullen is for sure a cool vampire :)!

  5. :D To hear that my friends got a good laugh from my silly project makes it all worth it...even if I don't get a good grade. Haha!

    I agree! Edward should get some kind of Vampire of the Century Award! <3

  6. uuuuuuuh, funniest post ever!!! Hahaha! So I have mentioned you on my latest blog post. Love for you to see why. :)

  7. Aww! Thank you so much ladies! You are def. feeding my Edward-addiction and making it all worth it! :D

  8. haha!!! that was awesome!! I bet you guys had a blast doing that!!!! toooo cute!!! I love Edward grilling and hunting!