Thursday, January 13, 2011

Kitchen Inspiration

I'm in the middle of a dream.
A daydream.
Involving a kitchen remodel.

But it will be a while till I can make my dream a reality.

So, here's some inspiration to keep me focused on the goal:

Lately, I've really been loving tin backsplashes. Maybe because a) it's kinda rustic and b) it's cheap!

I love butcher block islands. Mark Dean doesn't. So, I don't get one. But I still love them.

I never really liked granite. But my mom just got granite and I'm having a change of heart.
And Mark Dean likes it, too. 
So, this is in the future for the Montemayor household.

Jacqueline from Purple Chocolat Home's Pizza Oven is too die for. As well as, the rest of her DREAM kitchen. I'm so jealous. 
It will be a LONG while till I can get a bad boy like this.

Painted cabinets. {swoon} I keep battling the demons in my head that want to tackle this on my own. 
Am I up for the challenge?

3 ovens?!?!?
Please. And thank you.
2 will do, though.

And the more I look at the tin backsplash, the more I'm falling for the murals by Linda Paul, too.

Man, oh, man! How I want a fresh kitchen!
One day.
One day.


  1. They're all so pretty! I have a 1-yr old house, so I can't complain...but I would love something more custom, like the white kitchen with the butcher-block island AND 3 ovens :)

  2. We bought a foreclosure so we re-did almost everything. We left our master bath and kitchen undone because we knew we wanted to sink more than just paint and flooring into those 2 rooms. Meaning, we have to save. And that's not very fun at all!

    I can't even imagine having 3 ovens. I think they'd call that heaven!

  3. Love the mural one nad the white one- they are all so clean and fresh! And three ovens? That is madness!

  4. I know. I love a fresh, clean kitchen.
    BUT I, also, love a warm kitchen.
    Which one do I choose???
    Well, 2 kitchens, of course! :D

  5. I painted my backsplash like a barnyard. Then covered it so it can be washed. I had white cabinets till we had a water pipe to burst and insurance had to re do most of the house. Kathy

  6. we just painted all of our cabinets is QUITE a process!

  7. Ah! That's what I'm scared of. I may end up getting a quote to have it done by a pro...and that will either motivate me to do it myself or motivate me to save me!

  8. I really wish that we could find some marble countertops in vancouver. We finally got done with the cabinet refinishing, and are trying the back splash before the counter tops. I hope we find them before we need to buy them!