Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thankful Thursday - 1/19

After a week of classes...
well, it wasn't even a FULL week,
I'm exhausted.

And I am so ready for the weekend.

So, today, I am thankful for...

No class tomorrow!
Being ahead on my Spanish homework!
And a weekend full of baking!!!

This weekend, I will be testing out these {edit} 4 cupcake recipes
To make for my SIL's baby shower next weekend.

1. Cookie Dough Cupcakes
2. Double Shot Mocha Cupcakes
3. Chocolate Malt Cupcakes
4. Snickerdoodle Cupcakes

I will be sure to share my bakings!
Too bad you lovely blog friends of mine aren't here to be my taste-testers!!!
(And if you are near by, please feel free to drop by!)


  1. Oof that's a lot of baking! I wish I lived next door =)

  2. :D I know, poor Mark Dean will gain 10 pounds this weekend!

    And let me tell you, I wish you and the rest of you bloggie buds did too...ya'll are way better than the ones I have!!!

  3. Those sound delicious. Yummy. Can't wait for the recipes.

  4. Thanks! My mouth is watering! I'm ready to test them all myself...come on Saturday!

  5. Maybe you can fed ex me one of each!!??? haha!!! Ya for the weekend! I am sooooooooooo Ready!!! I cant wait to see how your cupcake turn out!

  6. Ah! I wish I could. And one day, I'll figure out how!

    I hope you enjoy your weekend little lady!

  7. Have a great time baking. Cussin :)

  8. How was the Tattoo Chronicles? And the Seed Folks.... Review...

  9. Thanks cuz!

    Tattoo Chronicles was AWESOME!!! Read it in a day...obviously, I could not put it down.

    Seedfolks was a very quick and easy read. I had to read it for school which normally is never good but this was different. It was geared toward elementary school children but I think it applies to anyone because anyone can relate. It was a very good book.

  10. I would sooo taste test for you! Cookie Dough sounds amazing :)

  11. MMM the snicker doodle cupcakes sound soo good! :)
    New Follower.
    I found you through vintage wanna be slumber party.

  12. I think those are the ones I'm most excited to try! Can't wait!!!

    Thanks for stopping by!

  13. I've made chocolate chip cookie dough cupcakes and they are to die for! I can't wait to see what recipe you try!

  14. Darn, if I lived nearby I would be over in a heartbeat! Those recipes sound SO GOOD!

    Have a wonderful weekend!!

  15. Michaela - Ah! I love hear that! Hopefully, mine turn out as well as yours!

    Krysten - I've really gotta research mailing yummy treats...I love all the taste-testers that are out there in the blogosphere! :D