Monday, January 24, 2011

Menu Monday - 1/24

Mark Dean has been complaining
About not being able to use his grill that much.

So, this week...
he's mostly in charge.

And when it comes to the things I'm supposed to make,
I'm very undecided.

Ugh...for some reason,
I'm dreading this week.

Monday - Nutella Pancakes
Tuesday - Grilled Chicken w/ Balsamic Carrots
Wednesday - Tacos or Enchiladas & Homemade Gaucamole
Thursday - Hamburgers
Friday - Fajitas & Homemade Gaucamole

{edit} : I didn't make it to the store today. The weather was ridiculous. I'm pretty sure I caught a fish in my shoe on the way to my car after class! So, I changed up the menu a bit to make use of what I have in the house. 


  1. Oh my gosh I wonder how much I'd have to nag Dustin to pull out the grill. Grilling sounds SO good and maybe it would make summer hurry up and get here!

  2. Haha! Good thinking! I think we'll be grilling for the next 6 weeks...straight. I am sooooo siiiick of this weather!

  3. I think I'll come over to your house for Friday's meal (: YUM!

  4. Your meals sound delicious- how nice for your hubby to help you cook:-)

  5. Thanks lil lady! I'm kinda tired of them.

    I wanna do something new and different.
    But I just got done trying that.
    And failing. Miserably.

    I need a different, BETTER recipe for Nutella pancakes.

  6. There is a little something for you at my blog...:)

  7. :D You are awesome! Thanks a bunch! Totally made my day!

  8. Um, nutella pancakes? Those sound SO good.

  9. Anything with homemade guacamole sounds good to me :)

  10. The idea of nutella pancakes sounded good. Recipe I used was not. Still searching! :D

    I looove homemade much, I'll soon be burned out of making it...and eat it!

  11. I love that you menu plan! I try, but it seems to never work for me! We eat the same things over and over!! Blah!! I need some spice in my menu!!

  12. That's how I started. I was lucky to get 2 dinners made a week from what I planned. Now, I can usually stick with the whole thing...with the exception of 1 a week every now and then.

    Buuuut...honestly, I don't stick to the order. I plan what I think will be easiest but will usually fix what I feel like making once the afternoon comes. It has def. helped with my grocery shopping and cutting out waste, for sure.

  13. nutella pancakes! mmmm

  14. Nutella pancakes! Sounds delicious!! :)

  15. How can a week that includes Nutella pancakes be bad?!

  16. Hahaha! I just wrote a post about how great this week is! :D Be sure to check it out tomorrow!