Sunday, January 9, 2011

Awwwww! This Weekend has been...

Because of you!

I'm so, so, so, so, so, so lucky to have some amazing bloggie friends!
Please come to Houston so we can go to lunch together and be real-life friends!

Two amazingly, sweet, awesome blog pals of mine...
Shalyn @ Laugh Until Your Cheeks Hurt
Gentri @ Gentri Lee
Heather @ Some Kind of Wonderful
Deidre @ Decoy Betty
awarded me...lil ol' me...
this lovely award over the weekend!

So darn sweet!
I am ever thankful ladies!

To accept this award you must fulfill 4 things:
1. Thank and Link back to the person who awared it to you - check
2. Share 7 things about yourself - check
3. Award 10-15 recently discovered bloggers - check
4. Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award

Well, here at 7 things about me...

1. I love race cars. I drive a race car. I want a faster race car. But I want a SUV at the same, I'd really like a race SUV. Ie. Jeep Cherokee SRT would make me happy.

2. I sleep in. Every day. It's a very bad habit. That I will soon have no choice but to break.

3. I blame my sleeping in habit on my pooch, Stuey. 

4. Mark Dean named our poochie, Stewart, after a motocross racer, James Stewart. But his original name was Hood Rat. Because Mark Dean found him in the hood, or ghetto, or projects, or an underprivileged area...whatever you'd like to call it.

5. I, obviously, have a very serious infatuation with Twilight. I will be visiting Forks this summer. In hopes of finding a vampire to bite me and keep me 22 forever. And I will come back and share all the awesome pictures I take.

6. I'm very average. My height is average. My weight is average...slowing tipping the scale to the side I don't like, which is average. My hair is average...blonde or brown. But my eyes, they are green, which is average...but I seriously love my eyes. If someone compliments me on my eyes, they are my friend for life.

7. I hate being outside. I don't like gardening, yard work, riding a bike, picnicing, playing, or doing anything else outside. I really don't like that about myself.

10 Awesome Blogs that YOU Should Check Out...

Jennifer @ Peas & Crayons - loooove this girl! She makes me want to eat broccoli!

Ashley @ Life as a Teen Photographer - I love watching this young lady learn and grow. :D She makes me miss being young!

Amanda @ This Horse gets Organic Carrots - I went to school with Amanda...and just recently found her blog. I love her passion and love for horses. I remember it from when we were in school but it's so great that she still has it today.

Rachel @ A Pretty Little Space - She just awesome. And takes some awesome pictures.

Danielle @ Life on Dahlia Lane - I've followed Danielle for awhile. But I love her blog so much that I want you to follow too!

My Buddy @ Blighted Area Blog - I know this woman in real life. And she's got so many funny stories to tell. The stories keep her kinda busy so she doesn't get to share them as often as she'd like. But when she does, she'll have you ROTFL. (She must remain anonymous due to she doesn't want it conflicting with her residents and employer.)

Carrie @ Our Small Haven - Another real life friend...well my SIL. So of course, I've followed her blog from the very start. But she deserves this award...and you should watch my lil nephew grow.

Lindsay @ Scenic Glory - I found this blog while I was on Carrie's blog one day and have become one of her newest followers. And her blog is up there on my Top Blogs to Check Daily! :D I love how she gets so involved with her followers with all her features and projects she starts!

Bren @ B So Chic! - Love this girl! And checking out her style. And adventures!

Lauren @ Moi in Afrique - I went to school with this girl too. We weren't ever friends...I doubt she even knew me. But I love her passion for what she's doing in Africa. Hmm...Huffman brings up very passionate people! Never really realized that!


  1. OHHHHHH yay!!!! 2 awards thats awesome!!! Congrats girl!!!!

  2. You're so sweet! Thank you for passing the award on to me! I'm super average too...average height, weight, hair but with blue eyes. Go us! ;) Come to CA so we can be real-life friends lol.

  3. COngrats again! Loved reading your 7 facts! I dont think your average;-)And not liking outside it kind of different...never met anyone like you! haha!

  4. Thanks ladies! :D Def. the best part of this weekend! Haha!

    Cali. will be on my list for upcoming travels...right after Washington! :D

  5. Darling! I had no idea! I skimped on blog reading today to batch cook all day (ok ok and also to sleep in!)

    I added you to my post =) Do I really make you want to eat broccoli? OHMYGOSH YAY! That made me smile =)

    Love you 7 facts! Obv. I sleep in too -- I've only been a housewife for a few months but it seems like a major perk that comes with the title! hehe love it!

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  6. :) Yes! I've been on a veggie kick lately. I ate broccoli the other day at one of my sides with my dinner! And carrot today at Pei Wei!

    I just recently became a full-time housewife and sleeping in is my fav. thing about it!

  7. aw yay we have so much in common! i'm going to make a veggie fanatic out of you =) just wait!

  8. Thanks ma'am! :D I see you live (or your family) live in my area! How awesome!

  9. Hey girl!!!! Guess what!! I left you another award on my page!!!!