Sunday, January 23, 2011

Spring Wishlist

So, I'm not really enjoying this Winter.

And as I was browsing around this morning,
Colleen at There Comes a Yes
made a list in her inspiring post "Spring Wishlist".
So, I thought,
maybe this will make Spring come faster.

(I, usually, start wearing Spring clothes to bring it here faster.
But this year, I just can't do that.
It's rather ridiculous this year!)

My Spring Wishlist is, as follows:

1. Sperry's!
And you see, I should have gotten these a looong time ago
since I won a bet against Mark Dean for them.
Yet, they are still on my wishlist.

Ladies - don't bet your husbands. They don't pay up.

2. Cute headbands.
My favorites are these from Much Love, Illy!

3. Add more of this year's color to my closet.
Pretty much pink.
So, I don't see why that would be a problem.

4. A smaller waist line.
Something like this would be ideal.

5. Jo Totes bag.
Of course, in pink.
I don't believe I will be waiting till Spring to get this bad boy.
2 weeks. Max.


  1. OMG that purse!!!!!!!!!!!! WANT!

  2. Me too!
    I have wanted it for months.
    Even before I got my camera.

    Now, I NEED it!
    And since won't let myself buy it.
    As each day passes, I get weaker and weaker though.

    Watch out!

  3. I adore that purse, and yes, in pink please! I am loving that this years color is Honeysuckle! It's a beautiful shade of pink!

  4. I know! I want to take advantage of every opportunity I can to show off this year's color!

    I just want it everywhere. In my house. On my toes. On my clothes. In my hair.
    Hmm...maybe I wouldn't go that far. :D
    But's an awesome color.

  5. Come on Spring NOW!!!! we have more snow in the forecast this week!! YUCK!!! Thats for the spring color update I love it!!! I love bright color!!! I have to agree with everyone else the purse is awesome!!! I hope you and Mark Dean had a great weekend!

  6. That purse is ADORABLE- I am on the hunt for a new one but with a $30 to spend, I think I will wait and invest in something as gorgeous as THAT! I love the honeysuckle clothes and that headband too- all gorgeous@

  7. I'd love the purse in pink, but the yellow isn't too bad.

  8. I LOVE that purse, totally a must have!

    I wish I could see an end to winter...

  9. I kind of enjoy the yellow in the purse - but I am kind of yellow-y orange-y girl...

    Also those headbands are totally adorable.

  10. I love all the compliments on the purse I don't have. I can't wait to get them once it's on my arm! :D