Saturday, February 12, 2011

Week Re-cap

I didn't do anything
this week.

I did,

pass my 2nd Spanish test with a 90!
lost 2 more pounds...welcome 126!
(Lil story: I tried on a dress that I've had for over a year, which didn't really fit that well a year ago when I wore it...well, I put that sucker on and it FIT! And...could still be taken in some on the sides. Yes, I'm extremely happy, excited & energized by my newfound fitness!)
And I will be at Supercross all day today which I'm not really complaining about.

Preparing a Valentine's dessert for Mark Dean
And lots of homework
With a mini work-out

Have a GREAT weekend everyone!


  1. Congrats on your test! And congrats on losing 2 more lbs! It isn't all about the weight, but about how you feel...and I am so proud of you!!!

    I have pants that I technically fit into...but sure is have given me excitement to keep moving on until I can fit them. Thanks!

  2. Congrats! I would die to be 126!

  3. Yay, way to pass your Spanish text AND lose weight. You are a total rockstar!!

  4. Thank you so much ladies! You are one of the many reasons that drive me! :D Kind words make such a difference!

    Liz...I have a BUNCH of jeans like that! Keep me posted! I'm sure you can do it.

  5. Wow it sounds like you had a pretty great weekend! Way to go on the Spanish test and losing the lbs :)
    I just have to say I LOVE your blog! The red and black with the great retro design gets me every time. Just wanted to let you know that I just created my own 101 list if you want to come check it out. I hope you are going well with your goals!

    Much Love,

  6. Thank you so much Crystal! That means so much!!! I'm def. heading over to check out your list!