Friday, February 18, 2011


This week was crazy.

School kicked my butt.
Gym kicked my butt.

But now...
it's time for the weekend!!!

my awesome cousin, Callie of Scrappin with Life,
told me a lil story
that inspired me!

She told me about
her and some blogger friends of hers
renting a beach house together.
She said she had the best time of her life!

I'm jealous.
And I want to meet some of your lovely ladies.

Is anyone down to save up and do something this cool???



  1. haha I wish! we could have a giant blogger slumber party slash vaycay! ahhh im so mad I don't have a zillion of my bffs in the same town as me - move here! mmk? thanks!

  2. OK!!!! lets do it!!! LOL!!!! we would have soo much fun!!!! I have missed you girl glad you back!!!

  3. That would be ridiculously fun! Hope your weekend is less busy than your week has been :)

  4. Well, ladies...where does this planning process begin?

    Don't get me excited and let me down!!! :D