Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Surprise! For Me!

Mark Dean just brought this home...
for me!

So, he says.

Please disregard how rough I look.
The point of the 2nd picture is that it's so cute.
Just the perfect size for lil ol' me!

In the end, I know Mark Dean has ulterior motives.

P.S. I've only got 8 sentences down on that essay. Boo!
I'm in for a long night.


  1. hahahaha woohooo! what a unique surprise :) good luck on your essay! blahhhhh... im up waiting for husband to get done with his (I should be doing mine to. dang blogs :) )

  2. What a great suprise!!!! Do you ride a lot!!?? What a fun thing to do together!!

  3. Thanks Ashley! I got more than I expected done! And it's those darn blogs that keep me in trouble too!

    Haha! Thanks Krysten! :D

    Heather - Hahaha! No...that last time I rode, I was about 12 years old and rode the bike into a truck. I retired...I guess I'm coming out of retirement. Haha! But Mark Dean looooves it!!!

  4. Cute blog!

    That thing looks dangerous. :P

  5. OOh that thing looks like fun :) Thanks for visiting Tattered and Inked! Can't wait to show you the reading nook- I've had the chair and end table for a while now too...just had to get the time :)

  6. Hahaha! It's dangerous AND fun!

    Thanks for stopping by ladies! :D

  7. How am I so super behind on your blog? this is not ok! please harass me next time I get this behind in blog reading. haha

    HOLY BIKE!!!! I love that it's green =)