Sunday, February 6, 2011

Follower Appreciation Day

Over the weekend,
I received
the GREATEST e-mail ever.

I think I read it 10 times.
Then read it to others around me.

I was so elated.
It is what makes all my blogging worth it!

Some Kind of Wonderful!

You are so amazing and special to me!
As are all my amazing and special followers!

So anyways,
about this email.

Heather e-mailed me telling me
that she has NEVER made anything from scratch
and that she made my "awesome peanut-butter cupcakes
and that yummy frosting" and SHE DIDN'T MESS THEM UP! :D

Heather surprised herself,
got compliments from her hubby,
AND her in-laws,
PLUS sent that super duper sweet e-mail
WITH pictures!

It's for people like Heather,
and these boys....

that make what I do in the kitchen all worth it!

I hope I get to share more amazingly sweet e-mails and people with you in the future!!!


  1. Aw that is totally awesome! And those look SO good!

  2. ahhhh my two bff's baking cupcakes! hehe! =) love it!

    ps: I updated my blogroll finally! <3

  3. I love it!!!! Thanks girl!!!! they were super yummy!!!! Your AWESOME!!!!!! Thanks soo much for the shout out Love you Girl!!!!

  4. It's is just the coolest!!! :D

    Jen - good thing there's a computer between us...otherwise you'd have to eat all the cupcakes we make! :D Yay! For the blogroll! Another thing that just makes me day!

    Heather - No problem girly! Love you too! :D