Wednesday, November 7, 2012

30 Days of Thanks - Week 1

I haven't done a Thankful Thursday post is quite sometime.
But I have been participating in the 30 Days of Thanks on Facebook so I decided I would compile my weekly Thanks on here for the month of November.
And try to keep up with the traditional Thankful Thursdays after that.

Week 1: November 1-7

1st Day of Thanks - The new little muffin I'm baking up. The anticipation and excitement of the sibling bond Rozlyn and this baby will share is overwhelming

2nd Day of Thanks - The husband that's taken care of me for nearly 9 years, has worked to give me everything I need and want, and whom I love wholeheartedly forever and ever and ever.

3rd Day of Thanks - The little ball of sunshine that brightens every day God blesses me with. I'm so insanely thankful and grateful I get to spend every day watching her grow, learn, and just be the silly little girl she is. Our little Rozlyn is the most precious gift we have ever received and every second with her is cherished.

4th Day of Thanks - The amazing, giving, loving parents that have always believed in me and stood by my side. They have instilled in me values and morals that will work to teach my own children. I never understood the love they have for me till I had my own baby and it's such an incredible feeling to know I'm loved that much.

5th Day of Thanks - The home Mark and I built. So much love is shared here and so many smiles start here. The happiness I have from whom I share this space with is the best. 

6th Day of Thanks - That by the end of the day, the debates will be over, there will be a reduced amount of political talk through various media outlets, and a president will be determined. Though I don't care about politics in the least bit, it's during these times that my belief in acceptance and respect is strengthened; to accept that others believe differently than I and to respect others by keeping my opinions to myself.

Election Day - Momma's Voting Partner
7th Day of Thanks - Positivity and happiness. It's important to always look up and forward. Believe in the good of others plus be the good yourself. And always smile, for frown lines are far less attractive than laughter lines.

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  1. Hi Lynzi! Thanks again for dropping by! Congrats on your new addition! Looking forward to keeping up with your pregnancy updates. :) (And in case you do any other thankful posts this month, I do a Thankful Thursdays link up every Thursday - feel free to come link up! :))

    1. Thank you! I will def. be checking out for link up tomorrow! :D