Thursday, November 15, 2012

30 Days of Thanks - Week 2

To keep with last week's Thankful Thursday theme, there's my list of daily thankfulness.

8th Day of Thanks - For my family near and far. Everyone of you are so dear to me and I love you all with my whole heart.

9th Day of Thanks - My friends, especially the new ones I've made and the ones I've reunited with. Friends are like spices to our life, making life a flavorful adventure. I'm so lucky that my life is full of great friends to my journey so zesty! Haha! (That was on the verge of extremely corny!) :) Love you ladies!

10th Day of Thanks - The end of my first trimester is near. Although the nausea still isn't as bad as my Rozlyn-pregnancy, I'm so over it.

11th Day of Thanks - My passion for baking and being challenged to try new things. (To clarify, I only made the bird nest cupcakes!)

12th Day of Thanks - Food on my table...and my superb cooking skills to make that food taste good! :) Plus the company I share the food with is the best! (I made a super yummy parmesan-crusted ranch chicken that I will have to share soon!)

13th Day of Thanks - The wonderful weather we have been having. So lovely and enjoyable! And perfect for the upcoming holiday festivities!

14th Day of Thanks - My first doctor's appointment to see our littlest baby! The anticipation has been killing me and the minutes are ticking by like hours! Hopefully I'll come home with pictures to share!

15th Day of Thanks - To be attending the last of my beloved Twilight movie premieres with some good friends! It will be such a bittersweet night but I've looked forward to it for so long!

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