Friday, October 28, 2011

The Rozlyn Epistles

So, I've seen a lot of "Letters to..." on momma-to-be/mommy blogs.
And thought I'd join in on leaving sweet things for my dear child to see when she grows older.

So, here's my first epistle to my sweet daughter:

My dearest Rozlyn:

I am half-way to meeting you. The wait is killing me. I hope these letters to you will help me to pass the time as I wait for your arrival. It will give me time to tell you of the hopes and aspirations I have for you, sweet one. 

I want you to create your own path in life. As your mother, I want the very best for you and I hope the choices you make will be the best. I know there will times that you will struggle and fall but always know I am here for you. And remember that these challenges you will face are along your path of life to make you who you are to become. As I sit here waiting to meet you, I realize that you have already begun to create your own path...ultimately, you will be the one to decide when to make your debut. And as bad as I want to meet you, I will be patient. As long as you are safe, you are free to discover who you are and who you want to be. This means letting you stay in the womb, close to my heart as long as you need. 

Sweet child of mine, you do not the intensity of the love I have for you. And you probably never will. But this love runs deep and I know it will only continue to grow. I know because I feel it each day.

With Undying Love,
Your mother


  1. How sweet! I'd love to do this one day.

    P.S. I ADORE the name Rozlyn and how you're spelling it. So pretty!

  2. :) I hope I can stick to'll def. help me stay connected to my blog since I was so random for so long. Thank you! I've loved the name for so long...I'm so glad Mark agreed to it because up until we found out the gender, he wouldn't tell me how he felt about it.