Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Gender Reveal Plans

We had planned on having a gender reveal party but there have been a few things in my family that a party would only complicate things even more.

So, I decided to do just a simple text to the family.
But I had to make it cute,
in some way or another.

I, first, took these adorable pics over the weekend.
And posted them on Facebook for our family and friends to vote on whether 
they thought the baby was a boy or girl.

So, come Thursday, I'll be sending out a text to our family and friends with a special reveal picture.
Then that evening, I'll post it on Facebook...and of course, right here!!!!
After I get home from shopping!


  1. How exciting!!!!! I cant wait to hear! We find out next tuesday!!!! WOHOO!!! Im coming back to the blog world tooooo !!! I so want a page redo! I love yours!!

  2. Yay that's so exciting! Can't wait to find out!

  3. Aww...Heather! I'm so excited for you! Can't wait to hear about you too! Thanks!

    And thanks Krysten! :D It is so exciting!!!

  4. Love the new layout Lynzi. I am excited for you :)

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  6. Your page looks really cute Lynzi!! and though I am off of Facebook now Ive been checking here sooo excited to see the progression of your pregnancy! the pics are too cute and i cannot wait to hear what the sex is! Im still trying to get into the blog world but, for now Ill be reading up on yours about Baby M:) p.s- you look stunningly gorgeous darling!

  7. Thanks Margie!!! :D

    Aww...Candance! I'm so glad you posted on here. Sucks losing the GOOD people on Facebook! Thank you for all your sweet comments! I'd def. be posting more soon! And I saw you followed me on Twitter (which I never use...but still cool!). Keep in touch girl!

  8. Love the new page! And those photos are adorable! What a cute idea.

  9. Thank you Jessie! They were a lot of fun to take!

    And thank you Deidre! :D