Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Our Last Valentine's Day

Without a little precious baby
To worry about. To invade our space. To consume our time.
And to love with our whole hearts.

But don't be mistaken.
We are quite alright with that.

I did get to spend a nice lunch with my hubby.
Came home to make him a special card from little Stewart and me.

I made the card...Stu just signed it with his cute little puppy paw

(And ate of few of the yummy V-Day cookies I made for loverboy yesterday)

Got a sweet card that my honey made for me.
Picked up dinner for us since hubs isn't feeling too well.
And overall, had a great day thinking about how much love I have for this man.
The father of my child.
My forever Valentine.

I hope everyone had a very special Valentine's Day.